We’re not for

We partner with 3 companies per category to strike the balance between opportunities and competition.

Remove bias
-remove doubt.

We know you do everything you can to be unbiased, equal and inclusive in all your employee relationships. With our anonymous platform you can finally be certain your recruiting process is living up to your standards.

Be sure it’s a
great fit.

Our advanced matching algorithm ensures that you meet talent that is a great fit for your company’s values, culture, opportunities and needs. Finding the perfect fit between talent and our member companies is the reason we’re in this business.

Focus on what matters long term

Our matching technology and our unique approach allows us to lead talent and businesses together based on what they have in common. This creates opportunities that might not be obvious at first glance.
In addition – our platform is designed to care for careers – not job hunting – which means you will be talking to talent who is driven to go places but not necessarily on the market.

Involve your organisation.

With our service you invite the members of your organisation that need to form talent relationships. This means those who might be working together are the ones to get to know each other. If and when you decide to put an offer on the table you can feel certain everyone knows what they are saying yes to.

Never post a job ad again.

Posting a job and rejecting every applicant but one should be a thing of the past. Our service is not centered around job postings, it’s centered around careers and building relationships. If and when you decide to make a job offer it’s because you have found your talent.

Explore new ways to work with talent.

Our platform was made for engagement. How you use it is up to your imagination. Perhaps you decide to give someone a 2 week trial gig or ask a group of people to work on a sample project together. Run a workshop or discussion, an event or show and tell. Use it to the limit to reinvent how your company employs talent.

After all, that’s why you’re here.

Are we a
good match?

  • Removes bias from the equation
  • Built for long term relationships
  • Designed for the gig economy and beyond